Khabib To Conor McGregor: “Beg Me”

Newly crowned UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has formed a heated rivalry with UFC superstar Conor McGregor. Now “The Eagle” has a message for the Irish native.

Nurmagomedov first got McGregor’s attention when the fighter had a heated altercation with SBG Ireland’s Artem Lobov within a hotel room days ago. Disgruntled with Nurmagomedov over the incident with his teammate, McGregor would go on to cause a fracas inside the Barclays Center on Aug. 5.

Conor Mcgregor and a large entourage of individuals allegedly attacked a bus filled with UFC fighters set to compete at UFC 223. Among those on the bus, Khabib Nurmagomedov is believed to have been the target of the attack.

Multiple fighters were injured, leaving Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg unable to compete within their UFC 223 match ups. McGregor is now facing assault and criminal mischief charges for the incident.

Speaking with TSN, Khabib Nurmagomedov would go on to break down his thoughts on the scenario.

“I sit in the bus. I want to go out. Security won’t let me. He jumping like, ‘Hey, come out.’ How I come out? You can not come inside. I can not go outside. Why you need all this stuff? Just send me location and that’s it.”

Speaking on the UFC 223 Post-Fight Show, Nurmagomedov revealed that he is not afraid of the Irish native.

“Conor, like I say before: we’re gonna make him humble. He and his oaf [Lobov], I slap him anywhere, any time. Inside the cage, also outside the cage I am here. And if somebody want to find me, let’s go.”

“Iaquinta is real gangster, he take this fight and we fight inside cage like real men, man on man. [Conor] comes with whole other team, with camera guys, he broke a bus and is running away. He think he’s gangster, but when I meet this guy, when I catch this guy, his team is crying like baby. You guys can watch video.”

“If you want to find me, send a message. Or let’s talk about this business with Dana. Any time, any where, I am ready. I am born ready.”

Nurmagomedov would go on to tell reporters the following message for McGregor concerning the incident, “Beg me.”

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