Khabib’s Manager Latest To Claim Injury From McGregor’s UFC 223 Attack On Bus

The injury count from Conor McGregor’s attack on the UFC 223 bus continues to rise, and the lawsuits may rise with it.

Initially it appeared as if UFC lightweight Michael Chiesa was the only one who inflicted an injury during the attack. But, later we would learn that top UFC flyweight fighter Ray Borg was also injured.

Now, in a new reveal, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager, the infamous Ali Abdelaziz is also claiming he was injured during the crazy event, breaking a rip during the conflict.

In a statement made to “The MMA Hour”, Abdelaziz revealed that while he was trying to escape the bus to answer McGregor and company’s call to fight. That’s when top UFC light-heavyweight Ilir Latifi wrapped his arms around his body and prevented him from escaping.

Apparently, Latifi’s grip was so tight during Ali’s struggle to exit the bus that he broke one of the famous manager’s ribs.

“Latifi cracked my fucking rib…he grabbed me…my rib is fucked up,” said Ali Abdelaziz.

No word on if he plans to sue Conor McGregor for his injury, but it’s worthy of note that he might.

Stay tuned…