McGregor Spotted For First Time Since Bus Attack, Throws Obscene Gesture At Photographers

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor caused literal chaos when he was last seen in public. (Video above).

After witnessing a viral video showing Khabib Nurmagomedov picking on his #1 training partner Artem Lobov, Conor McGregor decided to take action.

In defense of his teammate, McGregor would fly into New York on a private jet, armed with an estimated 20 men, and launch a full blown attack on the UFC 223 media day.

His actions would get him arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including 2 felonies.

Fight fans and media around the world witnessed McGregor entering court, appearing in court, then leaving the courthouse a free man. Then McGregor disappeared.

We haven’t seen the Irish super-star since leaving court that day … Until now.

In a new photograph, taken with his family in toe at the Dublin airport, TMZ has captured McGregor’s first public appearance since losing it at UFC 223, but Conor wasn’t open to being taped, and instead flipped the media the bird.

Check it out: (Photo via TMZ, All Rights Reserved)