Michael Bisping Goes To War With An Internet Troll, And He’s Losing Badly

It would appear that former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has decided to enter a feud with an individual over the internet. Now “The Count” is getting the short end of the exchange.

Michael Bisping is often not afraid to speak his mind. This time, the fighter is struggling to freely post a picture of himself over social media.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Michael Bisping has posted and removed several messages concerning a photo of himself during his earlier years of mixed martial arts competition.

Over Twitter, Bisping stated “Posting for a third time as the petty fool reported me again. I’m actually enjoying this.…”

The fighter offered a link to the original photo from his Instagram, but the social media post has since been removed.

Later taking to Instagram again, Bisping posted the photo for the fourth time. This time, the fighter stated “You know why this is posted again. to the individual in question. Get a grip!”

You know why this is posted again. ??? to the individual in question. Get a grip!

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It would appear that Bisping is fighting a losing battle with the photographer claiming ownership of the photo, which display’s Bisping’s own image. Still, the former UFC champion is seemingly fine with reposting the picture over and over again.

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