Miesha Tate Goes Viral, Breaks The Web With National Pet Day Photo

Former UFC bantamweight female champion Miesha Tate will go down in history as one of the sport’s most beloved figures.

Now, more than a year into her retirement, the former UFC staple is currently awaiting the birth of her first child.

After a very public breakup with fellow UFC fighter Brian Caraway, Miesha has found comfort with her new man, TUF participant Johnny Nunez. Who is also the father of her baby.

We rarely get the Miesha web breakers these days, likely due to her pregnancy, and new life direction. However, within the last 24-hours, Miesha opted in on national pet day, with a new photo of two baby birds hanging out with her.

This photo has since gone viral, garnering attention across the globe on MMA forums and on twitter.

It’s not hard to see why, either.

Check it out: