Nate Diaz Just Gave Conor McGregor A Lesson In Real Gangster Sh*t

Less than two-weeks ago, former two division UFC champion Conor McGregor set the MMA world ablaze by trying to instigate a full blown street fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Instead of fighting though, Conor walked away from the incident with nothing more than criminal charges for attacking the UFC 223 fighter transport bus.

And while these acts looked damning on the surface, it’s Nate Diaz and company who actually fight when confronted in the streets.

One need look no further than the video above, as one example of the Diaz brother’s crew not just stirring up trouble, but engaging in real street warfare.

With the eight year anniversary of their infamous “Strikeforce Brawl” having just passed yesterday, Nate throws shade on McGregor’s recent incident in New York, explaining how the real ones handle their business out of the cage.

Check it out:

This what they were trying to act like they were doing n NYC but no ones for real in this sport were the last of our kind it’s a new day in age ride or die we started this G shit #yallcantfuckwitus #theteam #riders