Now Back In Aus, Bec Rawlings Looks Fabulous In New Video — You’re Welcome

Fan favorite UFC flyweight “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings may have not won her last fight in Brooklyn, but she’s still winning the hearts of fight fans the world over.

In her highly-anticipated return to action at UFC 223, Bec would wind up dropping a unanimous decision to Ashlee Evans-Smith.

The scorecards though, only tell part of the story, as Bec appeared to be the better boxer in the match.

The Australian female fighter used effective head and foot movement to avoid many of the strikes thrown by Smith. And she effectively countered, landing the more damaging strikes throughout the fight.

In the end, Bec would leave Smith bloodied up and walk away as flawless as she entered, but due to Smith’s sheer volume of strikes, the judges granted her the win.

Now, back home from her stint over seas, Bec is back to her ways of breaking the internet for our enjoyment.

That video is above!