Photos Of Khabib Looking Shook While McGregor Tore Down The Bus Emerge

It is clear that today’s attack on UFC 223 was in direct retaliation for what happened Tuesday afternoon at the UFC host hotel, between Khabib and Artem.

That doesn’t excuse today’s actions by Conor McGregor, who stormed today’s UFC 223 media day with a large group of friends and tried to bait team Khabib into a fight.

The result was pure insanity, as Conor McGregor threw objects at the bus, breaking windows and injuring at least 1 UFC fighter.

If you missed the incident, there’s video in the player above.

In the video above, you can hear what appears to be Khabib’s manager stating they will kill Conor McGregor for this. But, despite Khabib being the target, no evidence of what Khabib was doing during this attack had yet to emerge … Until now.

Russian Instagram poster, Zarina_mma posted photos of Khabib’s reaction to the attack while sitting in the bus. The user would later delete the posts, but not before the internet grabbed them first.

Here’s what Khabib was doing while Conor McGregor was tearing down the UFC 223 fighter transport bus… And he looks shook!

Check it out: