The Diaz Brothers React to Sean O’Malley’s Nate Diaz Tribute

It would appear that the Diaz brothers have decided to offer their thoughts on Sean O’Malley’s recent tribute to Nate Diaz’s recent iconic moment.

UFC superstar Nate Diaz made a guest appearance in the arena for the recent UFC Austin fight night. When the live broadcast panned to the Stockton native’s position in the arena seats, Diaz decided to take advantage of the moment by allegedly lighting up what appeared to be a joint.

The moment immediately took the internet by storm. Fellow cannabis advocate and UFC competitor Sean O’Malley decided to mimic the iconic moment over the weekend during the UFC on FOX 29 live broadcast.

When the camera panned on O’Malley’s arena seat, the fighter allegedly placed what appeared to be a joint in his mouth and pretended to light it. The moment can be seen within the video above.

Now the Diaz brothers have offered a series of #100s to the fighter for his efforts. Check it out within the photo below:

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