“The Karate Hottie” Calls Out Conor McGregor After UFC 223 Attack

Conor McGregor is on the top of several UFC executive’s and fighter’s shit list this week, following an attack on UFC 223 media day.

In an event that caused injury to two UFC fighters, cancelling their scheduled UFC 223 bouts, McGregor would later get arrested and now faces 21 charges, two of which are felonies, for his actions.

Making light of the situation with a new video, Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson brings up Conor McGregor’s recent controversy and it’s pretty damn funny.

She does however take a serious tone in the status.

Check it out:

Funny post @michellewaterson_best put together about this week’s incident. But I a serious note, the ripple effect that Connor’s actions has had on the fighters and organization is pretty sever. The fighters have lives families and careers that they are trying to build and Connor’s disregard to that is sad. What are your thoughts???