Three Now Hospitalized After Conor McGregor’s Attack On Khabib

Conor McGregor’s run at vengeance for his teammate Artem Lobov didn’t go over so well with the UFC.

UFC President Dana White is furious with the sport’s biggest star of all-time, and has taken many measures to make that apparent.

In what was first reported as only one injury, the cuts to Mike Chiesa’s face, turns out to be a total of three people now hospitalized over Conor McGregor’s attack on the UFC 223 red corner transit bus.

Outside of the Chiesa incident, two more people have come forward and now needed medical assistance.

UFC Executive Reed Harris was on the bus, and from the hospital tweeted,

“At hospital with one of my coworkers. Possible broken hand due to attack by Conor and his gang of thugs. I got cut and showered with glass. We thought we were gonna die.”

And now there’s reports of another UFC 223 fighter being taken to the hospital, due to what they believe to be glass in his eye.

Ray Borg is being taken to the hospital because he is having trouble opening his eyes as a result of what he believes is shrapnel that entered his eye as a result of the incident with Conor McGregor earlier today.

That brings us to a total of three.

The additional fallout this far, is of course the legal issues Conor now faces and a string of other things that hit him more immediately.

The UFC has pulled the credentials of Conor McGregor’s MacLife website. They removed Conor McGregor teammate Artem Lobov from the UFC 223 fight card as well.