UFC Fighter Leaks Text Convo With Jon Jones That’s Very Mean And Cruel In Nature

When the Conor McGregor bus attack occurred, longtime respected UFC veteran Tyson Griffin mistakenly drew a comparison to that of Jon Jones.

Jon Jones was quick to blast back at Griffin, following his comments. This has now resulted in Tyson Griffin airing out a text conversation between the two, in what appears to be an attempt to further soil the reputation of Jon Jones.

The original altercation on-line is as follows:

Well there goes @TheNotoriousMMA lossing his @BurgerKing deal faster than @JonnyBones lost his @Nike deal!! Or did he?? More[money]more problems

@TysonGriffin my dream was to be sponsored by Nike as a high school wrestler, became an adult and made it happen. Even had my own sneaker which sold out within a day.

@TysonGriffin What ever happened with your Nike deal, I don’t remember. I’ll wait…

@TysonGriffin You can tell by the tone of your tweet that you’re happy Connor may be losing his deal. Disguise yourself as an MMA coach or a MMA personality, I just see a bitter bitch who’s the size of my dick

And again, these remarks have no lead Griffin to release a mean and cruel text message argument the two engaged in.

Here’s the leaked text convo:

Here’s Griffin’s original tweet: