Warning: Colby Covington Just Spoiled The Ending Of The Latest Avengers Film

Everyone’s favorite Boomerang attack victim Colby Covington has just spoiled the new Avengers film ending on twitter.

Covington famously spoiled last December’s big Star Wars film release on the movie’s opening night, and he sent the MMA world into an absolute frenzy.

The American Top Team fighter believed that today was a good day to follow up that performance with another spoiler of a hot title movie.

For those who want to see his spoiler, look no further than below:

Gamora, Loki & Vison die. Spiderman turns to dust in Iron Man’s arms. Dr Strange, Black Panther, Star Lord, Bucky, Drax & Mantis all turn to dust. You don’t get laid. Thanos wins and at #ufc225 so do I. #AvengersInfinityWar #Avengers #InfinityWar #NFLDraft #MyHatersAreAllVirgins