Watch The Incident Between Khabib & Artem That Sent Conor McGregor Over The Edge

In the video above, bare witness to the incident that sent Conor McGregor over the edge this week.

In it, you can clearly see Khabib and company bullying McGregor teammate Artem Lobov.

Lobov would later check out of the UFC fighter hotel as a result of this confrontation, but it didn’t end there.

McGregor would fly in from Ireland with a crew of twenty (plus) men, and lay down a full scale retaliation assault on the UFC 223 media day where Khabib was at.

Lobov would end up getting kicked off the card, McGregor was arrested and the UFC lost three UFC 223 bouts as a result.

But it all started here, with Khabib playing bully on Conor’s buddy.

Enjoy the video!