50 Cent No Longer Safe At Bellator, McGregor’s KO Machine Teammate Has Had Enough

UFC mega star Conor McGregor and rapper 50 Cent have been beefing since the middle of last year.

50 Cent, often calling himself a fighter, has publicly stated he can take Conor McGregor in a fight repeatedly.

Now, 50 Cent finds himself tangled up with Bellator, and has even attended the last two event live.

However, in a new turn of events, Bellator middleweight Charlie Ward, who happens to be one of McGregor’s top teammates, has had enough of 50 Cent running his mouth, and offers up himself as a man 50’s own size.

Check it out:

“50 Cent is running his mouth. He’s here tonight. He’s saying he’s a promoter. He’s saying he’s a fighter, he’ll fight Conor in the street. He’ll fight this, that. He’s more my stamp – 185.”

“If he wants to come into Bellator, I’ll fight him. That’s it.”

Here’s Ward’s full interview: