Big John Details What Pennington’s Corner Was Responsible For In Refusal To Stop Fight

UFC women’s bantamweight Raquel Pennington went toe-to-toe with reigning champion Amanda Nunes over the weekend. Following the fight’s ensuing controversy, mixed martial arts referee turned Bellator MMA commentator John McCarthy has come forward with his thoughts on the matter.

In between the fourth and final round of the fight, Pennington informed her corner that she was “done.” The fighter had severely bruised her leg and had seemingly broken her nose during the fight, in which Nunes appeared to be dominantly winning.

Rather than throwing in the towel, the fighter’s corner concinved Pennington to finish out the match. Nunes would go on to earn a TKO victory over the fighter.

Taking to Twitter, John McCarthy has decided to offer his thoughts on the matter. Check it out below:

“A corners job is to be support for their fighter. That means you give advise on how to combat your opponent. Sometimes that means you give motivation & sometimes it means you take personal responsibility for their health & safety. When they say that’s it, It’s over, get them out”

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