Breaking: Jet Li’s Health Takes A Shocking Turn For The Worst

Jet Li is a martial arts film legend. The 55-year-old action film veteran has inspired generations of martial artists and other athletes through the years. However, it would appear that the action star is now suffering from health issues.

As reported by TMZ, Jet Li is suffering from hyperthyroidism as well as a heart condition. The martial artist has suffered multiple injuries to his legs and spine, making standing quite difficult for Li.

Li has been away from the film industry for a few years now, just now reappearing in the spotlight. The martial artist can be seen within the image below looking much more frail in his later years, reportedly struggling with his thyroid condition.

UFC President Dana White would later take to social media to offer his thoughts on the matter. Check it out within the Instagram post below:

“I am a fan of Jet Li. He is battling a thyroid disorder according to @tmz_tv. Get well soon @jetli”

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