Dana White Confirms Interest In Two Top Boxers As He Gears Up For Boxing Promotion

UFC President Dana White is currently looking to lock down a boxing promotion. A rumor quickly began circulating that White had offered a massive sum of money to boxing phenom Anthony Joshua over the matter, however it would appear that the rumors were false.

Speaking at the UFC Fight Night 130 Post-Fight Press Conference, Dana White revealed that he is currently in talks with pugilist Mikey Garcia.

“That is true and Mikey and I have got together a few times and I like him a lot and he likes us a lot and we’ll see what happens.”

“I’ve obviously been crazy busy on this television deal. The clock was ticking. We were down to like seven months until we move from FOX to ESPN so that was a huge priority, we had to get that thing done and that will free up some time for me to focus on other stuff that I want to do.”

Speaking on his interest in Anthony Joshua, White added:

“The deal was that I felt that we could add a lot of value for them in the United States. So we could cut a deal for the U.S. He’s big in England, everybody knows who he is in England and I have the machine to make him big in the United States. That was the plan.”

“The last couple months I’ve had some bad health issues with my ear so I was dealing with that and that’s why I couldn’t make the flight over to England that time. I was talking to them and then Eddie Hearn ended up landing that big TV deal. That’s great for the sport of boxing. It’s great for him. I’m not looking to come in and steal anybody. I’m another guy who can offer some money and if anything it’s great for the boxers.

“I’ve said many times I think that [Anthony Joshua] is the most marketable guy in the world, good looking kid, big strong guy and Eddie Hearn handled his business and got him straight so it’s all good. I’m not out there trying to steal anybody from anyone.”

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