Dern Reveals How Much Weight She Tried To Cut At UFC 224 Failed Weigh-in, Places Blame On Commission

UFC women’s strawweight Mackenzie Dern put on a dominant performance over Amanda Cooper over the weekend. With that in mind, the fighter missed weight for the match by a staggering total of 7.4 pounds. Now the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu phenom has come forward with some details on her seemingly distraught weigh-cut.

Dern hit the scale for the official UFC 224 weigh-ins at 123 pounds, 7.4 pounds over the permitted limit for the women’s strawweight division. With that in mind, Cooper would go on to lose by submission to Dern after accepting a catchweight fight against her opponent.

Speaking on the latest edition of The MMA Hour, Mackenzie Dern revealed that she missed her flight for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ahead of the match. Arriving a day late, Dern made her way to Brazil at a total 139.5 pounds.

Dern then claimed that the Brazilian athletic commission quickly informed the fighter that they were going to cancel her match, as they were not confident Dern could safely cut the weight. However, Dern would go on to convince the commission to allow her to undergo a preemptive weight cut to prove she could make weight.

Consequently, Dern was required to make it down to 131 pounds by Wednesday. The commission would allegedly go on to deny Dern the chance to finish her weight cut and decided to permit the fighter the ability to compete at catchweight, if Cooper was willing to accept the match up.

Of course Cooper went on to face Dern in a catchweight bout, losing to the fighter by submission within the first round.

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