Here’s What Happens When A UFC Fighter Tries To Pry The Microphone Away From Bruce Buffer

Back in 1997, mixed martial arts veteran Kazushi Sakuraba made his big octagon debut. For the fight, Sakuraba went toe-to-toe with Marcus Silveira. The match would quickly crumble into chaos.

Silveira was seemingly getting the better of his opponent when Sakuraba took a sudden fall to the canvas. Referee John McCarthy was under the impression that Sakuraba had been bested and rocked from the blows, when the fighter was allegedly still conscious and capable of competing.

McCarthy would go on to call off the fight, with the referee admitting down the road that he believes he made the incorrect call. In a fit of frustration, Sakuraba met “The Voice of the Octagon” face to face and attempted to snatch the microphone from Bruce Buffer’s hand.

However, Buffer was not having it. The announcer shook his head and held firm. The fighter backed off, ending the confrontation. Check it out within the video above.

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