‘If 50 Cent Lands A Punch In Bellator It Will Be His First Hit In 10 Years’

50 Cent originally burst on the MMA scene when he became very critical of UFC star Conor McGregor.

That has since boiled over, and 50 has targeted Rampage Jackson recently on twitter, stating, “Don’t get it fucked up. I’m the baddest Jackson around this motherfucker. Now, if we can get the money right, Rampage got a problem on his hands.”

This call out prompted Rampage to respond with, “I found out why 50 wants to fight me.. turns out he was trying to get the role as BA in A Team. The director @carnojoe showed me his audition!!? 50 you should watch yo mouth fam,that shit is embarrassing ?? you don’t want yo fans clowning you son! I’m down to fight,but you already know I’m the baddest Jackson up in this bitch,andI’m down to prove it ? #screwyou”

And now, with rumors circling that 50 Cent might actually be fighting in the Bellator cage, our resident MMA funny man decided to chime in with this hilarious one liner.

Check it out:

Word is 50 Cent has signed with Bellator. If he lands a punch it will be his first hit in 10 years.