Japanese Legend Shinya Aoki Just Got Gang Choked In The Locker Room

It would appear that former ONE lightweight champion Shinya Aoki and fellow MMA veteran Hayato Sakurai recently had a bit of a tussle backstage of a recent event. Now footage of the incident is making its way around the internet.

Aoki is currently gearing up to face off against Rasul Yakhtaev under the banner of ONE Championship. The two mixed martial artists will face off inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore on May 18.

With that being said, Aoki had a brief confrontation with Hayato Sakurai after visiting the fighter backstage of a recent event. Aoki brought the MMA veteran flowers, before the two began struggling against each other.

Sakurai quickly wrapped his hands around Aoki’s throat, before being restrained by the group present in the room. Check it out within the video provided above.

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