Last Night’s Invicta Featured A Bone Popping Out Of A Fighter’s Hand [Graphic]

Mixed martial arts promotion Invicta FC was in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday night, March 4, to host the promotion’s latest exciting fight card. From inside the Scottish Rite Temple, Invicta FC 29 featured a main event match up between Sarah Kaufman and Katharina Lehner for the vacant bantamweight title.

With that in mind, there is another fight from the night’s event that still has fight fans talking.

Bantamweight Julia Avila faced off against Marciea Allen for her big Invicta FC debut at the event. However, the fight was ultimately cut short.

Allen smacked Avila with a kick that blunted the fighter’s hand, striking her fingers at an odd angle. Avila’s finger suffered a compound fracture, ultimately bringing an end to the fight and granting Allen a TKO victory via injury.

Avila’s bone could be seen sticking out of her hand following the break, leading to a shocking injury for the Kansas City crowd. In the video above, Avila reveals the injury and offers a few words on her wellbeing.

“Hey guys, I’m in the hospital,” Avila said. “I’m doing fine. If it were up to me, they would just cut off the finger and I would keep fighting, but this is what happened. I’m sorry. And I’ll be back soon. Love you guys. Thank you.”

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