Leslie Smith Follows Through With Legal Threats Against The UFC

After getting paid her show and win money for not fighting in her last scheduled bout, and then released by the UFC in the process, Leslie Smith vowed to seek justice.

Now, according to her legal council, they have taken steps to hold the UFC to task for their actions.

ESPN has it:

Per Leslie Smith’s attorney Lucas Middlebrook, a complaint was filed on her behalf with the National Labor Relations Board this morning. She’s officially moving forward with her accusations against the UFC.

I’ve had conversations with UFC executives regarding Leslie Smith. Their interpretation of what happened differs greatly, as you‘d probably expect. UFC not offering much in the form of a statement now, but their stance will be known in any legal response to the complaint.

Leslie Smith’s attorney has released the following statement:

“Dare to form, join or assist a union and you too will accompany Ms. Smith not fighting in the UFC. This message contravenes the very purpose of the (National Labor Relations Act) and ZUFFA cannot be allowed to continue flouting the Act. No person or entity is above the law.”

“There simply can be no dispute ZUFFA took adverse action against Ms. Smith, and based on the facts set forth herein and those to be uncovered in the investigation into this issue, ZUFFA’s animus toward Ms. Smith’s protected activity was the substantial or motivating reason for the adverse action(s) taken against her,”