Lesnar To UFC Update: Brock’s Last Contracted WWE Match Expected In June

A new rumor is spreading that Brock Lesnar’s latest WWE contract will be coming to a close sooner than some may have expected.

When Brock Lesnar’s year-long suspension from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) reached its end and the former heavyweight champion’s WWE contract came to a close shortly after, many fight fans expected Lesnar to make a big octagon return. Rather, the former title holder renewed his contract with the professional wrestling titan.

However, middleeasy.com, a news source always in the know on WWE happenings, has come forward to report a rumor that Lesnar’s contract will be ending rather soon. With the former UFC allegedly looking to make an octagon return, it would appear that Lesnar may be eligible to enter the UFC roster sooner rather than later.

Check out MiddleEasy’s original report down below:

“In another sign he may be back in the UFC, rumor is Brock Lesnar’s next WWE match will take place at Money in the Bank on June 17th. All rumors says this is the last match on Lesnar’s new WWE deal and he may not be with the promotion beyond the summer.”

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