Liddell’s Coach Compares Fighting Tito Again To That Of Sleeping With An Overweight Woman

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell recently revealed that he is coming out of retirement. Fellow former UFC title holder and longtime rival Tito Ortiz has been out of retirement for some time now and has been campaigning for a trilogy rematch against “The Iceman.”

Liddell has revealed an interest in fighting Ortiz once more, having finished Ortiz in his previous two victories over the fighter. Speaking on the latest edition of The MMA Hour, Liddell’s head coach John Hackelman offered his thoughts on the UFC Hall of Famer facing Ortiz for a third time.

“It’s like f**king a fat chick again. You don’t want to do it in public again. You had to do it because times were hard or you were forced to do if for whatever reason. You don’t want to keep doing it.”

“I respect Tito, for a lot of reasons, but Chuck beat him twice already, he stopped him twice. And that is all that I mean by that analogy. I’m not putting Tito down at all. Tito is a pioneer and a stud. He will fight anyone, anytime, he’s done shit in the UFC that, you know, I think he is a great fighter.”

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