Michael Bisping Just Set Luke Rockhold’s Twitter On Fire

Former UFC middleweight champions Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold have been exchanging heated trash-talk over social media for some time now. Following an accusation from Rockhold, “The Count” has now decided to fire back.

Rockhold and Bisping have thrown down inside the octagon on two different occasions. Rockhold managed to submit “The Count” back at UFC Fight Night 55.

However, Bisping knocked out Rockhold for the middleweight belt at UFC 199. Since then, the two fighters have been battling it out over social media.

Rockhold recently took to Twitter to seemingly accuse Bisping of alleged drug use.

“@bisping 5am Twitter rants? Say no to drugs and say yes to the contract. Any weight, any where, any time.”

Now Bisping has fired back with a fury. Check it out below:

“I was gonna lower myself to responding with an insult, but it seems the public have done it for me. Haha. Still a salty little bitch aren’t you”

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