Miesha Tate Gets Her Revenge After Cop Checked Her Out On Live T.V.

Miesha Tate is a former UFC women’s bantamweight champion. After being checked out by an officer during one of her weigh-ins, the fighter decided to pay that policeman a visit. Now a video of the incident has made its way to the internet.

Miesha Tate quickly gained a reputation within the mixed martial arts world for her fighting prowess. That being said, the fighter has also earned a hoard of dedicated fight fans for her natural charisma and stunning physique.

During one of her weigh-ins, a police officer was standing just behind the fighter. The officer resisted looking at Tate, but ultimately took a peak.

The moment has since made internet fame, as Tate decided to pay the officer a visit back at the station. Check it out within the video below:

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