Nate Diaz Just Told GSP To Confess To Poisoning Nick Diaz Or He Can Fight Himself

In the video above, you can clearly watch as UFC President Dana White tells the world that his plan is to have Nate Diaz fight GSP in the UFC 227 co-main event.

Typically when the UFC boss announces a fight is in the works between two top stars, he’s usually close to making it a reality.

Well, just moments ago, Nate Diaz took to his verified facebook page with a message about this proposed GSP fight, and he’s got some demands.

Nate and his brother Nick long contest the circumstances surrounding Nick’s title fight against GSP. And now Nate is still holding onto that grudge.

Check it out: (Via the official Nate Diaz facebook)

Gsp cheated when he fought my brother he was on steroids ? he was overweight and they let him because we were in Montreal and his boy gave nick a bad iv now they selling u wolf tickets on me gsp you can clear that shit up or fight yourself cheater ??