Nunes Disfigures Pennington In One Of The Bloodiest Female Title Fights In UFC History | UFC Results

The time has finally come. UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes is now set to defend her title once again. Fight fans can see the UFC results from the intense match up down below.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is hosting an exciting night of fights tonight, May 12. The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s highly anticipated fight card for UFC 224 is going down inside the Jeunesse Arena.

Headlining the night’s event, Raquel Pennington is set to challenge Amanda Nunes for her coveted title.

The fight kicked off with a furry. Nunes quickly poured on the pressure with a flurry of punishing strikes. Pennington attempted to go on the offense, but Nunes appeared to be getting the better of the fighter during the exchanges.

This was seemingly a dominant round for Amanda Nunes.

Nunes started off the second round in a similar fashion, quickly pressuring Pennington into the fence. Pennington continued to attempt to take her opponent to the ground, but failed to get her to the canvas.

In the final minute of the round, Pennington managed to get Nunes to the ground but failed to capitalize on the takedown.

Pennington began to increase her aggression in the third round. However, Nunes quickly slammed her opponent into the canvas for her first takedown.

This was seemingly another dominant round for the champion.

The pace began to slow by the opening championship round, as both fighters appeared somewhat fatigued. However, Nunes appeared to be dishing out a higher volume of strikes than her opponent.

At the end of the fourth round, Pennington revealed to her coach that she is “done.” However, the fighter was convinced by her corner to continue the fight.

In the final round, Nunes forced her opponent to the canvas and pummeled her way to a finish.

UFC Results: Amanda Nunes def. Raquel Pennington via TKO in round five

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