Old Age Hits Another Retired UFC Fighter, This Time It’s “Rumble” Johnson Who’s Showing Signs Of Aging

Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Anthony Johnson no longer competes within the sport of mixed martial arts. Now the 34-year-old former fighter has taken to social media to reveal that he is already feeling the effects of time on his body.

“Rumble” Johnson has not competed within the sport of mixed martial arts since facing his second career loss to reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier back at UFC 210. Since then, Johnson has begun exploring other ventures.

Taking to Twitter, Johnson has decided to reveal that he has started growing “clear hairs” on his head. Perhaps the fighter is already greying after an intense run inside the octagon.

Check it out below:

“Was looking in the mirror and I have clear hairs in my head…
I refuse to call it grey so I’m sticking with clear!”

Anthony Johnson ultimately earned a stunning professional record of 22-6 within the sport, having taken on some of MMA’s toughest and most talented competitors.

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