Phil Baroni Offers To Welcome Chuck Liddell Back To MMA

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell has officially come out of retirement. While the 48-year-old mixed martial arts veteran has a few fights on his mind, fellow MMA veteran Phil Baroni has come forward to claim an interest in facing “The Iceman.”

Phil Baroni recently made his big return to the sport of MMA, earning a vicious knockout victory over Matt Lagler at King of the Cage. Liddell would go on to reveal that he is coming out of retirement.

“The Iceman” revealed that he is interested in facing off against fellow former UFC light heavyweight champion and longtime rival Tito Ortiz for a trilogy rematch. Beyond that, Liddell wants to eventually face MMA phenom Jon Jones inside the cage.

Speaking on the MMA Roasted podcast, Baroni went on to reveal that he would like to face off against “The Iceman” is given the opportunity.

Check it out below:

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