Report: Nate Diaz vs. GSP “Being Planned” For UFC 227

It would appear that a fight between UFC superstar Nate Diaz and former two-division champion Georges St-Pierre is potentially in the works. This time, the two mixed martial arts phenoms may be meeting inside the octagon come Aug. 4.

Nate Diaz has not competed inside the octagon since going on a two fight war with Ireland native Conor McGregor. It has since been reported that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Nate Diaz are potentially in talks over a possible octagon return.

The fighter’s alleged target date for a return is Aug. 4 at UFC 227. Now MMA journalist Mike Russell has come forward over Twitter to report that Georges St-Pierre is a possible opponent for the Stockton native.

“Hearing GSP vs. Nate Diaz is possibly being planned for August 4. Guess no Georges-Conor or Georges-Khabib fight in the near future if true.”

Russell later returned to Twitter to add:

“Don’t shoot the messenger re: GSP-Nate. Remember thi$ i$ the WME era where ranking$, sen$ical matches & old fan money aren’t $uper important as long as analytics/ monetizing metrics are followed & optimal profit is made. Give it a few days & we’ll see who confirms/denies.”

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