Scott Coker Believes 50 Cent Can Fight In The Bellator Cage, Talks Fight With Rampage

Rap icon 50 Cent injected himself into MMA headlines this week after going public that he had a meeting with Bellator MMA president Scott Coker.

Both the music and MMA world caught wind of this meeting, and the speculation has been rampant ever since.

Earlier this week rumors surfaced that a fight between 50 Cent and Rampage Jackson was in the works. A subsequent social media feud between the two later ensued.

Now, following Friday’s Bellator 199 weigh ins event, the Bellator boss talked to about 50’s role in these new rumors.

Check it out:

“I left the meeting. Then I come home, and there he is. Boom, to his (18 million) Instagram followers. And then my phone is blowing up: ‘Hey, are you signing 50 Cent to a fight?’ A lot of speculation at what’s going on. But, listen, the guy, I haven’t even talked to him about fighting.”

“Jackson vs. Jackson? I mean, you know, they shouldn’t be fighting. I think that, with 50 Cent, if he wanted to train and really get in there and do it, I think he probably could do it. The guy is in great shape. But to fight Rampage?”

“Maybe we’ll do it at 180 pounds, 190 pounds. We’ll have a battle royale.”

“I’m like this: Why can’t we all just be friends, you know? We should all just be friends. I think when ‘Rampage’ and 50 Cent meet one day, I think they’ll get along. It’ll all be fun. It’s a good time. …

“But I mean, seriously, what (50 Cent) wants to do in the sport, who knows? Maybe he wants to manage some fighters. I think he wants to sponsor some fighters.”