Steroids! Joe Rogan Questions The Validity Of Fedor’s PRIDE FC Unbeaten Run

When Fedor Emelianenko was in his prime he was the most feared man on the planet. However, because he spent the bulk of his career in Japan under the PRIDE FC banner, many question whether or not he was actually a clean fighter.

With PRIDE encouraging their fighters to use steroids, and Fedor being the most dominant athlete on their roster, it’s hard not to wonder…

Now, committing MMA blasphemy, Joe Rogan reveals that he’s not so sure that Fedor was as good as his record might show.

Taking to his Bellator MMA Fight companion podcast, Joe dished on Fedor’s legacy.

Check it out:

“They need to let him fight in Japan again. Get him on the right mixture. I’m super suspicious about all those old fights now, though. I’m super suspicious. I mean steroids. I mean performance enhancing drugs. I mean we’re looking at a different human. That’s what I’m thinking.”

“[Bellator] does some checking; they do have state athletic commissions. Japan was encouraging. Who knows who was doing what and who wasn’t doing what, but when you talk to the guys who were over there, like Enson Inoue, and he’ll tell you they had it in capital letters in the contract — WE WILL NOT TEST YOU FOR STEROIDS.”

“Whatever everybody was on back then, Fedor was still beating everybody’s ass. They were all on the same s–t; Fedor was still beating everybody’s ass.”