Watch UFC’s Andrei Arlovski And Jay Hieron Try To Kill Denzel Washington

Hollywood star Denzel Washington is gearing up for another stunning action film. This time, two mixed martial arts veterans are set to be featured in the flick.

The Equalizer 2 is set to hit theaters July 20 and features a government agent involved in high intensity action sequences. Retired fighter Jay Hieron, who has made quite the acting career since hanging up his gloves, laded a role alongside none other than Andrei Arlovski in the film.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Hieron offered his thoughts on the matter.

“My voice and the way I carry myself is a big part of getting cast in roles – it also helps that I was a real fighter as well. There are certain things you can’t teach an actor, and being a real fighter, I feel like I can make the character more genuine, more real.

“I don’t mind playing the villain or bad guy. I think they are complex characters, and that’s fun when it comes to acting.”

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