“Wonderboy” Opens Up On Covington and RDA Fighting For the Interim Belt

Colby Covington and former lightweight title holder Rafael dos Anjos are now set to face off for the UFC interim welterweight title. However, top division contender Stephen Thompson has come forward with his thoughts on the matter.

Reigning champion Tyron Woodley is expected to recover from his recent shoulder surgery within a few months. Still, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) elected to have Covington and dos Anjos fight for an interim title at UFC 225.

Speaking to Bloody Elbow, “Wonderboy” let his thoughts on the matter be known.

“I don’t think so at all. If [Woodley]’s out for another year or two, then probably yeah, I think you should. But if he’s saying he’s gonna be back in July or August, there’s no reason why you should be fighting for an interim title.”

“It almost diminishes the value of the title, because they’re just throwing it out there — it’s like, ‘You can fight for an interim title, sure.’ I don’t think they should be fighting for an interim title. If [Woodley] says he’ll be back in July or August, then just say, ‘Hey, the winner of this will fight for the title.’ I don’t know what the UFC is playing at or what their thinking is when it comes to the interim title. But they’re just like, ‘You can fight for it anytime. Anybody can fight for an interim title.’”

“I think it’s just politics. I think that they are trying to make that market out there (in Liverpool). And he’s calling me out, so why not make that happen? I fought for the title twice, and I guess they don’t want to see it again until I prove myself again. I think that’s just what the UFC is thinking.”

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