After All Out War At UFC 225, Whittaker Suspicious Of Yoel Romero’s “Supplements”

UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker and former opponent Yoel Romero went toe-to-toe in a highly anticipated rematch back at UFC 225. Following the champion’s split decision victory over the “Soldier of God,” Whittaker has come forward with some suspicions concerning his opponent’s supplements.

Whittaker and Romero first faced off back at UFC 213. After going the distance, Whittaker ultimately earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent.

The two threw down once again at UFC 225, with Whittaker earned a split decision victory. Later speaking to GrangeTV, Whittaker revealed that he questions Romero’s ability to make so many physical and athletic changes since their last fight.

Speaking on Romero’s supplement use, Whittaker said:

“He’s a top caliber athlete, but for him to come back the way he did and for him to feel so differently and to perform so differently than he did a year ago…let’s not forget, I have fought him before. I have experienced his shots. I have experienced landing shots on him. I have experienced him, fighting him before.

“For him to make those changes physically and athletically in a year, at the age of 40, I’m leaving that down to nothing more than magic. I can’t see you jumping on a special diet filled with kale and good fruits and performing like that.”

Check it out within the video provided below:

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