After Controversially Shocking Weight Cut Video, Commissioner Calls For Till’s Corner To Be Suspended

UFC welterweight Darren Till put on a victorious performance on Sunday, May 27. However, the fight did not go without its controversy. Now head of the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) Mike Mazzulli has come forward with a few words concerning Till’s corner.

Darren Till faced off against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 130, ultimately earning a unanimous decision victory over Thompson within Till’s hometown of Liverpool, England. The fight, however, was at catchweight.

Till missed weight by 3.5 pounds for the match up, with it later having been revealed that the fighter’s pregnant girlfriend was hospitalized during his weight cut. A video from Till’s weight cut has since made its way to the internet and is drawing some controversy of its own.

Within the clip, as seen above, Till reportedly lost his sight after walking on the treadmill in an attempt to lose the last of his needed weight for the weigh-ins. Speaking to MMA Junkie, ABC head Mike Mazzulli called out Till’s corner as to blame for the incident.

“I was appalled seeing seven people sit there and push this kid to the point where he lost his vision,” Mazzulli stated.

“They should suspend those corner people that tried to help him cut that kind of weight, first of all,” The ABC head later claimed.

“They think it’s OK to do what they did to that kid? They’re going to get him killed,” Mazzulli said. “Right now, I am so upset at this whole industry.”

“You’re going to be sitting there with a girlfriend, with parents, who lost their kid to something so stupid, for no apparent reason,” Mazzulli continued. “What’s going to happen is you’re going to have a mother and a father losing their child over weight-cutting to fight – not in a fight.”

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