Alex Jones Just Besmirched UFC’s Joe Rogan

Conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones has seemingly no issue speaking his mind. Now the radio host has come forward with a heated statement concerning longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan.

Rogan hosts a podcast of his own, Joe Rogan Experience. Alex Jones was a featured guest for Rogan at one point, but the two have seemingly had a bit of a schism.

Speaking on his show, as seen within the video above, Alex Jones said:

“I’m not trying to be Joe Rogan, a lap dog of the system. I’m trying to change the world. And, I’m doing it. As for Joe, since I brought that up…”

Jones later continued:

“Joe, I don’t care about coming on your podcast. I don’t need to come on your podcast. My point is though, I know you are as smart as I am or smarter, and I sat there and watched your show where I’m wrong about [Anthony] Bourdain.”

Jones once claimed culinary star Anthony Bourdain was killed by globalist over his political beliefs. However, Joe Rogan combated the theory on his own podcast.

Check out Alex Jones’ full thoughts on the matter within the video above.

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