Angela Magana Still Insistent She’s Making The 2020 Olympic Team

Angela Magana currently looking to make a comeback as a professional athlete. In her latest venture, Magana is attempting to make it to the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Magana was once a UFC women’s strawweight. However, the fighter was cut from the roster of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) after she suffered a three fight losing streak inside the octagon.

Taking to Twitter, the fighter would later reveal that she is now training for freestyle wrestling in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

“Day 1 of my road to #Japan2020 #Olympics #Freestyle #Wrestling #PuertoRico #TeamLaPerla #Lucha #ThankYou #YourMajesty #OlympicMedal #Elite #Athlete”

Now Magana has come forward with an update on her training. Check it out below:

“Week 1 of my journey to #Japan2020 #Olympics & fight camp in the books! Thrilled to be doing this w electricity, food & sleep, feeln spoiled. Everything is easy after an #MMA fight camp w no basic needs.”

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