Athletic Commission Proposes New UFC Weight Classes To Avoid Weight Cut Mishaps

The topic of weight cutting in the UFC is a hefty one.

Fighters have their own opinions on the topic, so does the UFC. And now, one of the most powerful sanctioning bodies in the world, CBMMA is calling for change.

In a new talk to MMAJunkie one of Brazil’s commission officials stated, “If we don’t approach this issue with a more realistic and immediate way – and this is what our numbers are showing us – we will have a long and rough road ahead.”

“To sacrifice the athletes with a weight cut – even being fully aware of these numbers – to maintain our interpretation of the divisions, that isn’t making any sense to us.”

Here’s the weight classes they propose:

Strawweight – 115 pounds up to 124.9 pounds
Flyweight – 125 pounds up to 134.9 pounds
Bantamweight – 135 pounds up to 144.9 pounds
Featherweight – 145 pounds up to 154.9 pounds
Lightweight – 155 pounds up to 169.9 pounds
Welterweight – 170 pounds up to 184.9 pounds
Middleweight – 185 pounds up to 204.9 pounds
Light Heavyweight – 205 pounds up to 224.9 pounds (cruiserweight reference)
Heavyweight – 225 pounds up to 265 pounds