Now Even Brendan Schaub Is Getting Critical Of His Buddy Joe Rogan’s Comments

UFC 225 took place on Saturday, June 9, from within the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has now come forward with some of his thoughts on the night.

Former WWE star CM Punk made his octagon debut within the first fight of the night’s live pay-per-view main card. Having been dealt a lopsided unanimous decision loss to Mike Jackson, Punk has once again drawn the ire of many fight fans.

Speaking on his podcast, as seen within the video above, Brendan Schaub recently offered his thoughts on how his longtime friend Joe Rogan commentated Punk’s fight.

“[My other problem] The commentators… Joe Rogan, one of my best friends, my brother. And even Jimmy Smith, those guys. When they would go, ‘Mike Jackson has high-level striking’”

“I think we have to be very careful, very careful not to throw around the term ‘high-level striking’. Trust me, a high-level striker would have beat CM Punk in under 30 seconds. It would not have been a competitive fight if any one of those two had some sort of high-level striking.

“That was the only cringe-worthy night…the only thing that made me go, ‘oh god!’. We got to be careful with that because if you’re a fan and you’re watching that and you go, ‘god, that’s high-level striking?’ No, it’s not.”

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