Cerrone Says Blood In UFC Singapore Main Event, “Turned Me On”

UFC welterweight Donald Cerrone put on a stunning performance over the weekend. While the fighter suffered a tough defeat, “Cowboy” still managed to leave the cage with a smile on his face. Now the mixed martial arts veteran has come forward to explain why.

Donald Cerrone and Leon Edwards headlined UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore on Saturday, June 23. The fight went the distance, with Edwards ultimately earning a unanimous decision victory after entering a bloody five round war with “Cowboy.”

Speaking after the fight, Cerrone revealed that the bloody match riled him up more than some may have expected. As reported by MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn, Donald Cerrone stated:

“On the first exchange he banged me with a knee, cracked me right open. Butt it was good. It was hot blood down the side of my face and I was like, ‘mother-f**k yes.’ In like a sick way it kind of turned me on, like, ‘Let’s go, yes.’

“It sucked, I got blood in my eye the whole fight, but oh well.”

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