CM Punk’s Opponent Responds To “Little School Girl” Dana White

Former WWE star CM Punk and fellow 0-1 fighter Mike Jackson went toe-to-toe over the weekend for UFC 225. Mike Jackson earned a unanimous decision victory over the fighter, but still received grief from the UFC president concerning his performance.

Now Mike Jackson has come forward to offer his thoughts on the matter. Speaking Bloody Elbow, Jackson offered a detailed explanation of the situation.

“I knew going into the fight that Phil was going to be a tough cat. I never slept on his ability. I knew skill-wise I was far superior — and I showed that — but the dude has a hell of a chin. He took some shots cleanly.”

“I could’ve knocked him out eventually, but do I really want to risk gassing trying to knock this guy out? I didn’t want to take that chance. So I didn’t rush in for the kill. Who wants to be the guy to lose to CM Punk? I was very smart in my strategy. I realized I couldn’t get him out of there with the early first-round knockout, so plan B was just to beat him up — and that’s what I did.”

“We gonna raise the platform, we gonna get more eyes on me, which in turn gets more eyes on fighters that are under the Mike The Truth brand. It’s just a positive for everybody around.”

“It’s his opinion. That’s all I got to say about that. If that’s what he chooses to think and feel, it’s on him. Dana White is like a little school girl. He’s emotional. Sometimes, he’s feeling his feelings and he likes to make these little outbursts like a little kid. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.”

“I’m in a different space in my life. I don’t even really engage with these guys anymore. They’re beneath me. They can have their opinions, too; it really doesn’t matter. They’re followers. They listen to Uncle Dana. Dana gets mad, they get mad. Dana’s happy, they’re happy. Or sometimes, it’s like the polar opposite; Dana gets mad, they’re happy, and vice versa. You never know what’s gonna happen with fight fans. Fight fans are just as emotional as Dana.

“I know how to handle it. … I’m cool with it.”

“I knew I came to the city as a heel, but I didn’t know I was leaving a heel, [too].”

“I don’t have to fight. I only fight because I love to fight. If I never fight another fight in my life, I’m cool with it. I make more money outside of fighting than I do inside the cage. It don’t matter. … I’m just a squirrel trying to get that nut.”

“You gotta come with the right checks. I’m the dude who just pitched a beating on CM Punk for three rounds. I got a nice little name right now, so the money has to be right. When the money is right, ‘Truth’ will be there.”

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