Colby Covington Can’t Keep Jon Jones’ Name Out His Mouth — Here’s The Latest

Interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington and former UFC light heavyweight title holder Jon Jones are not on the best of terms. Now Covington has come forward with some new trash-talk concerning the fighter.

Covington and Jones were once roommates during their earlier years. However, the fighters have since parted ways. After Covington earned the interim title, putting the fighter on a collision course with reigning champion Tyron Woodley, Jon Jones offered Woodley anything in his power to help the title holder beat Covington.

Speaking in a recent interview, as seen within the video above, Covington revealed his thoughts on the matter.

“Jon Jones needs to grow up. You have fought more recently Ariel, than Jon Jones and Woodley combined. Those dudes don’t even fight no more, they’re too busy, they don’t even know WHAT to do with their lives. They’re trying to get acting careers, they’re trying to do rap albums. These guys are a joke, all they do is talk, they don’t fight no more.”

“F*ck Jon Jones. He needs to grow up. He’s a little child. He’s buried himself, I don’t have to bury him.”

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