Conor McGregor’s Head Coach Involved In Street Fight With Comedian, Faces Potential Legal Action

Head coach of SBG Ireland, team to UFC superstar Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh was seemingly recently involved in an altercation at a comedy show. Now the comedian that was struck by the mixed martial arts coach has taken to social media to claim that he is considering legal action.

Kavanagh was the first to speak on the incident.

“Times we live in no doubt videos going up. What you won’t see is the lead up and him in my face for half an hour. Probably shouldn’t have done it but most don’t experience this type of aggression on a daily experience.”

Comedian Adam Hills later took to Twitter to claim that he was the individual struck in the altercation and that he is considering legal action. Check it out below:

“Can’t believe a MMA coach would come to a comedy festival then resort to violence when someone makes a joke about him. Considering legal action.”

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