Dana White Believes Artem Lobov Can Kill UFC 225 Fighter With His Bare Hands

Mike Jackson and CM Punk each attempted to improve their 0-1 mixed martial arts records over the weekend. Following Jackson’s performance inside the octagon, UFC President Dana White has come forward with a critical statement over the fighter.

UFC 225 took place on Saturday, June 9, featuring a series of interesting bouts. Kicking off the night’s live pay-per-view main card, former WWE star CM Punk and Mike Jackson went toe-to-toe for Punk’s hometown crowd.

Jackson put on a dominant performance over his opponent, ultimately earning a unanimous decision victory. The fighter has since been criticized for having allegedly not attempted to finish Punk in the fight.

Speaking to media after the event, UFC President Dana White was asked about a possible fight between Mike Jackson and SBG Ireland’s Artem Lobov. White responded:

“Artem might kill him. That might be the first death in the UFC. I think that’s a bad fight for Michael Jackson. I think Michael Jackson needs to go back to being a reporter or whatever the hell he did before came in a goofed around tonight.”

Check it out below:

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