Daniel Cormier Reveals Deeper Meaning To Jon Jones “who’s your daddy” Comments

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former title holder Jon Jones have been battling it out for some time now. Heated rivals, the two mixed martial artists often take things to social media for a little trash-talking.

However, Daniel Cormier has come forward to reveal that Jon Jones has been making more personal trash-talking as of late than some fight fans may realize.

In their latest string of trash-talk, Jon Jones ended his message with the line “who’s your daddy?” Jones has used the phrase before in his dealings with Cormier.

“Good luck in your next fight, I’ve always wanted to be heavyweight champ… who’s your daddy?”

Speaking at the recent UFC 226 media teleconference, Daniel Cormier revealed pointed out the fact that his father was murdered. Cormier’s father was murdered in an incident back in 1986. Still, Jon Jones continues to use the phrase.

“It’s kind of what he does. Before our very first fight, there were some direct messages sent, and he called me, he said he was my daddy or some shit like that, right? And he, somebody told him something in reference to my father being murdered, and he had Dana call me on three-way to apologize for saying anything like, ‘I’m your daddy’ or something like that.”

“Every time we start to argue he goes back to ‘I’m your daddy.’ So he didn’t mean to apologize. He knows exactly what he’s doing. So there’s deeper meaning when he says ‘who’s your daddy?’ There’s deeper meaning because of the history and of him going through that unnecessary step of having Dana call me on the phone so he can personally apologize for saying anything about my father, when then he kind of goes right back to it any time we start to argue.”

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