GSP’s Impersonation Of Max Holloway Is Pure Gold

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has become famous for his use of the phrase “It is what it is.” However, former multi-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre decided to adopt the line within a recent interview with longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan.

Georges St-Pierre has not competed inside the octagon since earning the UFC middleweight title back at UFC 217. Shortly after submitting Michael Bisping for the belt, the French-Canadian phenom would go on to vacate the title after suffering a debilitating case of colitis.

Georges St-Pierre has since gone on to Joe Rogan’s famous podcast Joe Rogan Experience to offer some of his thoughts on his fighting future and the modern landscape of mixed martial arts. During the interview, however, St-Pierre could seemingly not stop using the phrase “It is what it is.”

Watch a super cut of the former two-division champion using Max Holloway’s famous phrase within the video above.

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